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How to make an application

Residents living in the Borough who need help paying rent and/or council tax support can make an application for benefit in several ways.


Benefits Calculator

Use the online calculator to check whether you qualify for housing and council  tax support.


Online benefit claim form

Benefit claim form

The online benefit claim form is the easiest and quickest way to claim housing and/or council tax benefit. The secure online facility will allow you to save a partially completed form to finish later, as well as providing handy tips and hints to make completing the form easier.




Paper forms are available from the main Council offices and One Stop Shops or you can download a benefit claim form

Alternatively, you can email  or telephone

01992 785503.


If you require assistance completing the form you can visit the benefits reception at the main Council offices or one of the Council's One Stop Shops. Please complete as much of the form as you can before you arrive. If you are vulnerable or disabled we may be able to arrange a visit to your home.


You can check here to see the ready reckoner or visit the Benefits Adviser page on the website to see if you could qualify.

Leaflets available

The Council has produced the following numbered leaflets to help with housing and council tax benefit queries; you can pick them up from the Council offices or download them here.


1.   How to claim benefit

2.   Backdating your benefit claim

3.   Change of circumstances

4.   Non-dependants  *

5.   Help with child-care costs

6.   Self-employed benefit claims

7.   Student benefit claims

8.   Overpayment of benefit

9.   Extended benefit payment

10. Discretionary housing payment

11. Benefit on two homes

12. Temporary absence from your home

13. Home visits

14. Discussing your benefit claim with other people

15. How to appeal


* Please see the non-dependants page for up to date figures

Benefit Newsletter

The newsletter has been produced to keep you informed about the service, changes to benefit legislation, latest project developments and to seek suggestions on how services to you can be improved.  You can read the latest issue here