About Ambition Broxbourne

A space to breathe…a place to grow

Ambition Broxbourne is the Council’s economic growth initiative.

We are working in collaboration with various partners to support innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship in every aspect of community life which will include assisting residents and businesses in fulfilling their potential.

The Ambition Broxbourne vision is that by 2030 the Borough of Broxbourne will have a thriving, vibrant and prosperous economy that is underpinned by innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Broxbourne Council’s Economic Development Team is working to ensure the Borough is a place where businesses can thrive and grow, by both providing and signposting training and skills initiatives that will help to boost the local economy.

Working with the public, the private and the voluntary sector, the team supports local business to develop growth programmes and projects. Anyone needing advice or guidance in knowing where to go for certain services is welcome to get in touch.

The team can help people who want to let a commercial property, are interested in setting up a new business or need some advice on exporting their products. Their aim is to foster an environment of prosperity in the Borough by creating the right conditions for businesses to flourish.

For information and advice, please call the team on 01992 785565, email economic.development@broxbourne.gov.uk or visit www.broxbourne.gov.uk/AmbitionBroxbourne. 

The Economic Development Team is based in the Broxbourne Borough Offices, Bishops' College, Churchgate, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, EN8 9XB