Working with Broxbourne


The Council does not have a select list of approved suppliers. We seek quotations from at least three suppliers for all purchases of goods, services, or works above the value of £1,000. All contracts above £10,000 are competitively tendered through the Supply Hertfordshire e-procurement portal, along with opportunities from other public sector organisations across Hertfordshire. The site provides:

  • Email notification of suitable contract notices
  • Information about business opportunities within Hertfordshire
  • Information and help about supplying to the public sector

 Register free if you are interested in supplying goods and services to the public sector in Hertfordshire.

The Council follows strict rules set out in the constitution for procurement, known as Contract Standing Orders. We aim to act fairly and with integrity, and to secure high-quality, cost-effective services.

Sponsorship and advertising

Broxbourne offers a number of sponsorship and advertising opportunities throughout the borough. Work in partnership with us to boost your business.