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Premises Licence Application Plan requirements

The plan of the premises forms an important part of the application. Regulations stipulate what should be shown on the plan. As well as requiring all premises to show several generic details on their plans, regulations also require each type of premises to provide additional information relating to their particular premises type. Plans must include the following and be drawn to scale.


For all premises:

• The boundary/perimeter of the premises (sides in the case of vessels);

• Internal/external walls;

• Points of entrance/exit and description of where they lead to;

• Where the premises is located if it is part of a larger building.



• The principle entrance and where it leads to;

• The table gaming area;

• The non gaming areas;

• Areas which children can access and any barriers (regional only).



• Areas which children can access and any barriers;

• Location of category B and C machines.


Adult Gaming Centres

• The location of machines.


Family Entertainment Centres

• The location of category C machines;

• The location of category B machines;

• Any barriers