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Wormley and Turnford











Councillor Metcalf

Jim Metcalf


Planning and Regeneration portfolio holder


Conservative ¦ Re-election date: 2016
37 St Michaels Road, Broxbourne, Herts., EN10 7JN                                                     

tel Phone: (mobile) 07930 175545



  • Planning and Regulatory Committee 
  • Local Plans Group
  • Waltham Cross Development Group (Chairman) 


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Councillor G Nicholson

Gordon Nicholson


Member Champion for Health


Conservative ¦ Re-election date: 2014
9 High Wood Road, Hoddesdon, Herts, EN11 9AJ                                                                  

email(not available)


tel Phone: (home) 01992 463067
                (work) 01992 463067



  • Scrutiny Committee


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