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Building notice

A bathroom in a private homeA Building Notice application can be used for buildings that are not designated under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, generally domestic premises. If you are building over or within 3m of a public sewer then a full plans application is required. Unlike full plans applications, detailed drawings are not normally required however, additional information may be requested to show how you intend to comply with the Building Regulations.


Typical technical details and specifications are available for free download from this website and give basic guidance as to the detail that is required. The sketchs may submitted as part of your application.


You must submit the following with your application:

  • Completed Building Notice form
  • Building Notice fee; please see fee charges
  • Site location plan. Minimum scale 1:1250 showing the position of your property in relation to other buildings, the street and boundaries. A plan may be purchased from an Ordnance Survey agent or a scaled sketch will be acceptable.


Once your application has been received, if acceptable, it is registered and an acknowledgement letter sent. You may commence work 48 hours after the Building Notice has been accepted.