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Full plans or building notice?

Front extension to a house

Advantages and disadvantages


Full plans:

  • Plans are approved if suitable and a notice issued which can then be passed on to any future purchaser of the premises
  • A plan check fee (non-refundable) must be submitted with the application
  • Your builder works from approved plans
  • On satisfactory completion of the work a completion certificate is issued
  • You wait for detailed plans to be prepared by your surveyor or architect, for which they will charge a fee. However, plans may already have been prepared for the planning application where necessary


Building notice:

  • Generally only a site plan needs to be prepared for minor works, however for extensions and loft conversions more detailed plans and calculations to support the application are required
  • All charges (plan and inspection) are paid on deposit of the application. These are non-refundable
  • An approval certificate is not issued. Without approved plans to work to, a clear knowledge of the requirements of the Building Regulations is essential. If on inspection the work is found not to comply it will have to be altered, resulting in additional cost
  • On satisfactory completion of the work a completion certificate is issued


This Council does not recommend the Building Notice Application for complicated domestic extensions and loft conversions unless qualified professionals are employed to provide the necessary drawings, specifications and calculations.


Starting work

Whichever type of application you choose, work may commence 48 hours after acceptance of your application.