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Regularisation certifictes

Regularisation certificate

Building Control administrationThe building regulations have been extended to include new arrangements in respect of unauthorised building work. This allows building work which, for any reason, permission was not obtained and which commenced on or after 11 November 1985, to be regularised.


The application should include:

  • a regularisation application form 
  • a plan of the unauthorised work
  • a plan showing any additional work to ensure that the unauthorised work complies with the requirements of the building regulations, that were in force at the time the works were carried out
  • a regularisation fee, which is 120 per cent of the total of the current plan and inspection fee and should be calculated in accordance with the instructions on the table of fees


The Council, after acceptance of the application, may require the applicant to take steps to ensure that the relevant requirements of the building regulations are met. These may include:

  • laying open the unauthorised work for inspection by the Authority
  • making tests
  • taking samples


TAn engineer inspecting a buildinghe Council shall notify the applicant: 

  • of what work is required to be carried out for compliance, or
  • that they cannot determine what work is required to comply, or
  • that no work is required to secure compliance


The Council may give a certificate if they are satisfied that:

  1. the relevant requirements have been satisfied, or
  2. no work is required to secure that the contravening work satisfies the relevant requirements

A regularisation certificate is evidence but not conclusive evidence that the relevant requirements specified in the certificate have been complied with.