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Making a planning application

If you intend to carry out changes to your property you may require planning permission and need to submit an application to the Council.  Regardless of the need for planning permission, you may require building regulations approval or you may require the building regulations only.  If in doubt, please contact the building control team on 01992 785566 or by email,


Planning Portal Log

We recommend that you make your planning application via the Planning Portal. Registration is easy and you can complete your application form, upload supporting documents and pay fees online. 



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The benefits of applying online include:

  • Immediate delivery and acknowledgement
  • Savings on postage and printing costs
  • Online help function when completing applications
  • Online record of your completed applications
  • Online payment


If you prefer, you can complete your application form online and submit supporting documents and fees by post.  


Pre-application planning advice

We welcome and encourage discussion before applications are submitted for all types of schemes, so that we can help identify the key issues and resolve any problems in advance.


For any enquiries on planning matters please contact the planning section on either 01992 785510, 01992 785566, or by email to


Alternatively, you can visit the Borough Offices (9am and 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturdays) where a duty planning officer will be available.


'Validating' an application

For an application to be considered, we need to be satisfied that it is 'valid'. This means that it needs to contain all the information necessary for the Council to assess the proposal, as well as to ensure that other members of the public can understand what is proposed and comment on it if they need to. To make this even easier, applications also need to meet certain minimum quality requirements to be valid.


The Council recently consulted on proposed new Validation Requirements. The draft requirements are set out in:

  • A summary sheet, showing the basic documentation and quality requirements for each application type
  • A glossary, setting out what each requirement should contain


There are also individual lists for each main application type:


All of the responses to the consultation are now being considered. The lists of requirements will be amended as necessary, and are likely to be adopted in early 2014. Once this takes place, planning applications will not be considered by the Council unless they include all of the relevant information and are of a sufficient quality.


How much will my application cost?

In order to be considered, most applications must also be accompanied by the correct application fee. These are set by the Government and are the same throughout the country.


Changes to permitted development rights for household extensions and changes of use

On 30 May 2013 The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) (England) Order 2013 came into force. This amendment introduced a number of temporary relaxations and/or new procedures for householder extensions, schools, changes of use, extensions to commercial premises, and the removal of prior approval for telecommunications apparatus in conservation areas.


For the new 6 and 8 metre rear householder extensions, there is a new prior approval procedure using a Householder Prior Approval Form.