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Town Centre Strategies

Town Centre Strategies are planning documents which set out short, medium and long term actions for town centres.  They do not form part of the Development Plan but may be regarded as a “material consideration” in the determination of planning applications and the negotiation of Section 106 planning contributions.


The Council has commissioned a number of evidence studies to help inform town centre strategies and these can be downloaded from the Evidence Studies webpage.


Hoddesdon is an historic market town with a mix of supermarkets, high street retailers, independent shops and eating/drinking places, small businesses and community facilities.


The Hoddesdon Town Centre Strategy was adopted in May 2010.


An updated schedule of projects, to be implemented in the short term, was adopted by Cabinet in November 2013.

Waltham Cross Draft Town Centre Strategy

In November 2012, the Council published a Waltham Cross Draft Town Centre Strategy. Public consultation closed on the 21st January 2013, and a report of the results has now been compiled.


The Council is now considering the issues which have been raised before it decides on how to amend the Strategy. A final version of the Strategy is then likely to be adopted later in 2013.


The Waltham Cross Town Centre Strategy will be a key part of the Waltham Cross Renaissance programme. It will guide the regeneration and future development of the town centre over the next five to ten years, and the five objectives in the Draft Strategy are:

  • To make Waltham Cross town centre more modern, popular and vibrant;
  • To make Waltham Cross town centre more attractive and high quality;
  • To bring more people to live and work in Waltham Cross town centre;
  • To make Waltham Cross town centre more accessible; and
  • To ensure Waltham Cross town centre is as well managed as possible.


Twenty-one ‘physical’ schemes are proposed by the Draft Strategy to enable these objectives to be achieved – these are supported by a number of policy and management proposals.


For further information about the Waltham Cross Town Centre Strategy, please email or call Planning Policy on 01992 785559.


Cheshunt Old Pond is a district centre which has a medium-sized supermarket and a range of shops, cafes and other facilities that are well used through the day and evening.


The Cheshunt Old Pond Strategy is currently being prepared. 


Local Centres

Local Centres are the network of groups and parades of shops located around the borough that cater for day-to-day needs such as convenience stores, newsagents, hairdressers, off-licenses and take-aways.


The Local Centres Strategy is currently being prepared.