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Waste collection service

Refuse Collection

The Council collects refuse weekly from all properties in the Borough. You can find your collection day by searching for your road.


Each year the Council issues residents with a roll of 52 purple sacks for disposing of their waste, enough for one per week. Refuse will only be collected if put out in these Council branded purple sacks. By reducing the number of sacks issued, the Council is encouraging residents to recycle more and throw away less.  


Please ensure that:

  • refuse is placed out in securely tied, Council branded purple sacks.
  • sacks are placed on the boundary of your property by 7am on the day of your collection.
  • no broken glass, needles or other sharp objects are put in the refuse sacks.
  • paint is not put in your refuse sack.


The Council will not collect any refuse put out in black sacks.


Purple sack deliveries


Purple sacks are delivered to all households in the Borough on an annual basis.


If you do not receive your allocation of refuse sacks by the end of March, please contact the Council's Helpline on 01992 785577.


A letter is delivered alongside the purple sacks each year together with a calendar containing collection dates. If you did not receive a letter, or need to check your collection dates, you can do so online.


In the event of residents requiring more than the allocated 52 sacks, additional sacks can be purchased from the Council’s one stop shops or from the Council Offices.


Extra allocations


The Council understands that it may be difficult for some households to reduce their waste to one sack per week. Therefore, households who meet the following criteria may be considered for an additional roll of purple sacks, the equivalent to an extra sack per week:

  • Households with six or more full time, permanent residents.
  • Residents with mobility issues (including exemptions) who find it difficult to recycle sufficient material to reduce their refuse to one sack or less.
  • Significant (more than half a sack) non-clinical waste if produced as a result of a medical condition.


If your household meets any of the above criteria please contact the Helpline on 01992 785577 or e-mail


Bulky waste collection service


The Council operates a chargeable bulky waste collection service for items such as furniture, garden clearance and other waste. The special collection service can be arranged at a Council One Stop Shop or by contacting Broxbourne Services on 01992 642240. Alternatively, please leave your details on our online contact form and we will contact you to arrange a collection.


The amount you will have to pay will depend on how many items are to be disposed of. Please see the price list for more information. Please note there is an additional 2% charge for paying by credit card. There is no charge if you make a payment by debit card.


Separate charges exist for collections from commercial premises. Please call a member of the team on 01992 642240 for further information.