Course Rules and Etiquette

Please observe the dress code (see below for details)
  • All golfers, members and visiting golfers must sign in at reception before starting their round of golf
  • Avoid slow play at all times and keep behind the group in front
  • Staff have the right to ask slow groups to speed up and move groups through if needed
  • Groups must consist of no more than four players, each with their own clubs
  • Two half groups may be made up into a three or four ball group at the Centre's discretion
  • Play must not start before 6am. Please for check for the first available tee time
  • Help maintain the quality of the course by repairing pitch marks, replacing divots and raking bunkers
  • Local rules are shown on the scorecard.
  • Players are responsible for their own safety and insurance cover (personal and property including golf equipment)
  • Please be aware of all other golfers whilst out on the course
  • Never play a shot unless the group ahead are well out of range
  • If you miss-hit a shot in the direction of other golfers you must shout "FORE" to alert players of possible danger. If "FORE" is heard, please take evasive action if possible
  • The use of mobile phones on the course should only be for emergencies
  • Please avoid using mobiles phones within the St Andrews and Belfry Suites
  • Verbal or physical abuse towards any member of our staff, or towards another golfer, will not be tolerated
  • Play safely and enjoy your game
  • Single players are not allowed to advance-book peak tee times
  • Alcohol not purchased from Cheshunt Park Golf Centre is prohibited on the course and within the Club
  • Only food and drink purchased from Cheshunt Park Golf Centre can be consumed within the Clubhouse associated patio area
  • Any property found should be handed in at reception and logged as lost property
Dress Code
All golfers are welcome to the Club in clean and appropriate clothing. Clothing in a state of disrepair is not acceptable.
The Centre staff decision on what is and is not acceptable is final.
  • Clothing worn on the course may be worn in the clubhouse provided it is neat, dry and clean
  • Caps and hats should not be worn in the clubhouse
  • Unacceptable items of clothing include sleeveless tops, vests, football shirts, track suits, denim, short shorts and board or surf shorts
  • Golfers will not be allowed onto the course bare chested 
  • Clean denim is permitted in the Clubhouse but is not allowed on the course
  • Mens' shirts must have a collar and must be tucked in at all times on the golf course
  • Ladies should wear tailored trousers, dress shorts, skirts and divided skirts on the golf course. Unless specifically designed for wearing outside of trousers, shorts and skirts, ladies' blouses and shirts must be tucked in at all times
  • Shirts with small manufacturer’s logos are acceptable; those with large printing and advertising are not
  • Golf or flat sole shoes that cover the whole foot and do not damage the course must be worn on the golf course
  • Clean flat sole shoes must be worn in bar areas
  • Spikes or studs of any description are not permitted within the bar areas
  • Heavy boots are not allowed
Ideally, golfers should wear the following whilst on the course:
  • Polo shirt
  • Trousers or tailored shorts (not denim)
  • Golf shoes or trainers