Cedars Park

Steeped in history, the park was once the site of Theobalds Palace, a favoured residence of James I. Queen Elizabeth I also visited Theobalds many times during her reign. The park was given to the Borough in 1919 and today offers a scheduled ancient monument, woodland walks, formal gardens, a play maze, ponds, pets' corner, play trail, an arboretum and a conservation area. The park covers over 19 acres and was awarded Green Flag status again in 2015.

In 2014, Broxbourne Council received a £1.89 million grant from the Heritage Lottery and Big Lottery Parks for People programme, to protect, conserve and improve Cedars Park for the Borough’s residents.


Opening times 


January: 7am - 4pm 

February: 7am - 5pm 

March: 7am - 6pm

April: 7am - 7pm

May: 7am - 8pm

June: 7am - 9pm

July: 7am - 9pm

August: 7am - 8.30pm

September: 7am - 7.30pm

October: 7am - 6pm

November: 7am - 4.30pm

December: 7am - 4pm 


Junior Rangers

Junior Rangers is an assisted play scheme and parents/guardians are required to aid the children. The Ranger leaders are all volunteers and have no funding. 

To keep the scheme accessible there is no charge, but Junior Rangers will accept a voluntary donation of £15 for all seven sessions. All donations will only be used towards the cost of materials.

If you would like to join the Junior Rangers, please click here and complete the form. Your information will not be recorded until you press SUBMIT on the final screen.

Please note: The Junior Rangers scheme is run entirely by volunteers and is independent of Broxbourne Council.


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A guidebook with the history of Cedars Park is now on sale at Cedars Park café.  Theobalds Palace once stood on the site of Cedars Park and was King James I’s favourite residence. The booklet illustrates what Theobalds Palace looked like, and reveals other interesting facts about life at the court. The book explains features in the royal park such as details about the maze and Venusberg play mound that have been recreated in the present park as part of the recent restoration project. The 28-page guidebook is on sale for £5 in the café in the park, and includes a map, historical images and pictures of the present day park.

Cedars Park Art Space

Clay art classes are held regularly in the Art Space at Cedars Park. 
They take place every Friday (except Christmas and New Year) from 10am to 12.30pm.  The cost is £8 per session. Please contact Debbie Broomfield on 07950 281890.




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