Indoor and Outdoor Leisure Facility Strategy

Broxbourne Council recently commissioned an Indoor and Outdoor Leisure Facilities Strategy to guide future priorities, investment and decision making for the period 2013 – 2031.  

The strategy includes the following elements:

  • An audit of the quantity and quality of existing facilities
  • Extensive consultation with clubs, schools, governing bodies, members, officers and partners
  • Forecasting population changes (and therefore demand) to 2031
  • An assessment of provision against needs
  • Production of an Indoor Facilities Strategy
  • Production of an Outdoor Facilities Strategy
  • Summary of Issues

The strategy was approved by the Cabinet in July 2014 and a project group has been formed to produce and progress an action plan. The scope of the strategy to 2031 will require continual review and assessment to ensure the plan reflects current and future issues and priorities. It is intended to use Active Broxbourne, the Community Sports Network, as the vehicle to formally review this plan.

The strategy documents can be downloaded here: