Fit&Well Swim School Swimming Lessons


The Amateur Swimming Association endorses 50 week swim programmes; this is borne out by 95% of all local swimming lesson providers already providing this service to customers.  The benefits of this programme are:

  • Continuous lessons allows swimmers to progress as soon as they meet the necessary criteria rather than waiting to the end of the term
  • Overall, people will learn to swim within a shorter period
  • New swimmers can enter the scheme at any point (subject to class availability)
  • There is no formal re-enrolment process, you will be contacted regarding available spaces when you or your child is ready to move up a level
  • Payment, monthly by direct debit spreads the cost of classes and ensures a place is maintained. Children  on the programme whose payment is made by this method will have the bonus of free swimming during public swimming sessions at the leisure centres for the duration of their time on the scheme.*
* Don’t worry, there is no need for you to act, when your 10 lesson block is almost complete we will contact you by your preferred method of communication and offer you the new Direct Debit payment method.
We recognise that there is the possibility that some learners may miss some lessons whilst on holiday, however should you choose to pay by Direct Debit, the benefit of free swimming during public sessions for the duration of the lesson programme would outweigh this. Increasing the amount of swimming will also speed up progress through the Swim School.