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Barclay Park

Barclay Park

Park View, Hoddesdon

The park is set on a gentle hillside which leads down to an ornamental lake.  This rolling landscape of grassland is broken up by areas of densely planted trees and part of the site is managed as a wildflower meadow with grasses and sedges that are tolerant of the moist conditions. 


Adjoining Barclay Park is Cock Lane Open Space, a large informal area of grassland and woods, managed by the Hoddesdon Trustees. The total area of the park is 18.3 acres and facilities include car parking, picnic tables, a duck pond, toilets, easy access pathway and play equipment. Community events, such as Easter egg hunts, take place in the park.


The Friends of Barclay Park

The Friends of Barclay Park is an action group of regular park users who act as eyes and ears for the park manager, as well as providing support for community events and conservation activities. It is free to join and requires no obligation. Friends receive regular updates on park activity and can attend the meetings. For more information about joining the group, you can e-mail the chairman, Mike Vaughan at, the park manager at or telephone 01992 785555 ext 5620.


Minutes of 2012 AGM


Minutes of Committee Meeting September 2013


Barclay Park Management Plan


Barclay Park lake restoration

fish extraction at Barclay Park lake stream works  draining of the lake
Fish extraction Stream works Draining
draining and dredging of Barclay Park lake new banks  banks along Barclay Park lake
Draining and dredging Creation of new banks

Creation of new



Summary of Barclay Park Lake Restoration project


Health walks at Barclay Park

A new health walking initiative has started at Barclay Park. Health walks are short, regular walks, focussing on the health benefits of outdoor walking.


The programme is co-ordinated by the Borough Council and supported by the Countryside Management Service with the objective of helping people to get outdoors and be more active.


The health walks have a regular timetable which follows routes of varying lengths in the park and surrounding areas. The routes are graded so walkers will have an idea of what to expect and can choose walks to suit their own needs.


The walks were launched in spring 2009 and we are now looking for additional volunteers to help lead them. Volunteers will receive free, certified training. For more information please visit our health walks page.