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Cheshunt Park

Park Lane, Cheshunt EN7 6QD


This large area of grassland and woodland forms the green 'heart' of the Borough. The park is a Local Nature Reserve and has a rich history and was the subject of a 'Time Team' investigation in 2001 in whicCheshunt Park June 09h they uncovered part of Ermine Street, the Roman Road from London. The majority of the site is managed as wildflower meadow with hay cut once a year.

Broxbourne Council has recently won Heritage Lottery funding to further improve the park. The park is situated next to an 18-hole golf course; Cheshunt Park Golf Club.


The park covers 235 acres and facilities include car parking, picnic tables, a play area, easy access path, toilets and café in the clubhouse, and community events – the largest of which is an annual firework display for Bonfire Night which attracts nearly 10,000 people.


Annual Festival of Fireworks

Cheshunt Park is the venue for the Borough's annual professional fireworks display.


Green Flag

Green Flag Award logo

green flag presentation 2012


The park first achieved coveted Green Flag status in 2005 and has retained this ever since, recently winning the award again in 2013.


The Friends of Cheshunt Park

The Friends of Cheshunt Park is a group of regular park users who act as the eyes and ears for the park manager as well as providing support for community events. It is free to join and requires no obligation. Friends receive regular updates on park activity and can attend the bi-annual meetings. To join e-mail the park manager at


Minutes of Friends Meetings

March 2012

March 2013


Health Walks at Cheshunt Park

A new health walking initiative has started at Cheshunt Park. Health walks are short, regular walks, focussing on the health benefits of outdoor walking.


The programme is co-ordinated by the Borough Council and supported by the Countryside Management Service with the objective of helping people to get outdoors and be more active.


The health walks have a regular timetable which follows routes of varying lengths in the park and surrounding areas. The routes are graded so walkers will have an idea of what to expect and can choose walks to suit their own needs.


The walks were launched in spring 2009 and we are now looking for additional volunteers to help lead them. Volunteers will receive free, certified training. For more information go to our Health Walks page.


Further information

The History of Cheshunt Park is published in a separate leaflet available from The Golf Centre.