Funding and advice


The Herts Low Carbon Innovation Network (HLCIN) works with client (demand-side) organisations to identify their low carbon innovation needs.

HLCIN then engage SMEs with appropriate low carbon solutions and provide innovation support events at BRE and organised pitch and networking events with the client partners. The project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and since starting in May 2017 they have worked with seven client organisations and supported over 20 SMEs to gain exposure for their innovations. There is no cost for participation, although they do ask that client partners commit some time for an initial ‘needs assessment’ meeting and attend the pitch event.

The next area of focus for HLCIN is district level regeneration. Low Carbon Innovation needs might include local power generation, district heating, smart energy, smart transport etc, as well as fabric and utility solutions. HLCIN would like to partner with a small group of development teams, identify a number of shared low carbon challenges/requirements which they will translate into an Innovation challenge call for SMEs.

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The Hertfordshire Start-up Programme

The Hertfordshire Start-up Programme gives you access to 12 hours of free business support to help you start your business, survive and thrive. This can be in the form of workshops and networking, one-to-one business advice in person and online, incubation workspace usage and access to grants. 

This free package of business start-up support is available to any resident of Hertfordshire that is starting a new business. Whether you're a budding dog walker, scientist, shop owner or accountant, the support still applies. You don't have to be a registered company in order to access this package of support. Simply get in touch and we can also help you register your business if you wish.


Free business advice

Business advice is available free of charge to residents of Hertfordshire, including the Borough of Broxbourne, through our European Union funded ‘Hertfordshire Start-up Programme’. 

The instant live chat business advice service can be accessed Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm (excluding bank holidays).

As well as being able to chat to business mentors, you can also access the My Incubator Ventures business information library which is full of useful, downloadable factsheets and documents, including business plan documents.

Find out the latest news on what’s going on in the small business world and what events are happening around Broxbourne and the rest of the UK. You can also network with other entrepreneurs at your leisure too!

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Workshops and networking 

Attend our interactive business skills workshops at our Hertfordshire locations to help you start up and grow your new business venture. 


One-to-one business advice

Get expert advice from your dedicated business advisor face-to-face.  From help with writing your business plan to raising finance, your advisor will be there to guide you each step of the way.

We understand that time is limited for small business owners and that some prefer to receive advice online rather than in person. 


Cyber Security

Small and medium-sized businesses in Hertfordshire are falling victim to cybercrime which is costing them millions of pounds every year. In 2017 Hertfordshire was one of the most targeted counties in the UK by cyber criminals with over £3million being stolen, the single highest loss was for £1.3m. 

Many SMEs feel that there is nothing they can do to protect themselves from cybercrime, that there is no point in reporting it, or even that it is ‘not a real crime’.  Business owners frequently cite difficulty in implementing cyber security measures with many saying that they ‘don’t know where to start’ in order to deal with cyber issues.

Working with Hertfordshire County Council to raise awareness of the importance of cyber security amongst small business, Herts Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd has made funding available for 100 Herts micro businesses to receive a FREE Cyber Basics Review from an accredited Hertfordshire IT provider.

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Those receiving support on The Hertfordshire Start-up Programme may be eligible for a business grant, subject to eligibility requirements.


The programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and supported by Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership. This package of support available to you is being delivered by Wenta, STANTA and Dacorum Borough Council.

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Business Productivity Survey

Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership have launched a Business Productivity Survey in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire and Hertfordshire Growth Hub. Results from this survey will help set the economic priorities for the county and shape its Local Industrial Strategy. This survey will enable Hertfordshire employers to have their say on some of the barriers and opportunities to raising productivity and performance. Have your say here.