Interactive Map

Local Plan

The Council has published an Interactive Map of the Local Plan 2001-2011 showing existing land use designations in the Borough including Green Belts, conservation areas and sites of special scientific interest as well as identifying individual tree preservation orders and listed/locally listed buildings. It can be used by landowners, developers, businesses, householders and members of the public to find out exactly what land uses affect any piece of land in Broxbourne.

Development management / planning

The Council has now published an Interactive Map which gives details of the Planning Applications received in the last four years, and links to the related planning documents. Searches can be carried out using: planning reference number, address or postcode.

The Interactive Map is currently in test or “beta” version to reflect the fact that there may be unknown inaccuracies and to obtain feedback from the public to facilitate further improvements. 

Questions and feedback on the Interactive Map should be sent to the Planning Policy Team at

A disclaimer for the information presented on the interactive map and an instruction manual are also available.