Have your say: Improvements to Cheshunt Old Pond

Ahead of future plans to improve Cheshunt Old Pond, the Council is exploring how to make the area a better place to live, do business and visit.
The Old Pond district centre is Cheshunt’s traditional shopping area and the Council has commenced a strategy that will, over the next few years, aim to deliver a more accessible, attractive and valued place for everyone.
To help guide future development plans, the Council is calling on residents, businesses and those who know the area best to share their views and ideas on a range of issues to help to shape a new vision for the Old Pond area.
An online survey has been set up which takes just a few minutes to complete and printable copies of the survey can also be printed to be filled in by hand.
And starting from Saturday 14 October, Council representatives will be present at various locations in the area to engage with the public, distribute surveys and give locals an opportunity to have a say on the future strategy.
For more information and to access a link to the online survey or a printable copy of the survey, visit www.broxbourne.gov.uk/cheshuntoldpond