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Add your photo to the public gallery

The photo gallery includes pictures taken in the Borough by members of the public. If you've taken a photo you would like to share with everyone, follow the instructions below to get it into our gallery. Your photo may also appear in the 'banner' of our website, so it would appear on every page of our website.

How to send your photo

  1. First read the terms and conditions (below).
  2. You can email your photo(s) to us at By sending photos via email you agree to accept the terms and conditions (below). Photos sent via the form must be a maximum 1MB in filesize.
  3. We cannot accept photos which have been sent by post, so please use the online form or email.
  4. Make sure you give us:
    - the photographer/copyright owner's name
    - a brief description of the photo (where it was taken, what the picture is of)
    - the date the photo was taken.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The person who sends the photo to us (referred to as “you” from now on) must hold the copyright for it, and you must have the right to allow its publication.
  2. Photos containing people: by submitting a photo to us you are declaring that any people who are in it have given their consent for the photo to be published.
  3. By sending a photo to us, you grant us permission to publish the photo – or any part of it - on the Borough of Broxbourne website, and in any other media we choose.
  4. Photos should be taken within the Borough area.  However, we will consider publishing your picture if it was taken close to the Borough.
  5. We reserve the right not to publish your photo.
  6. Photos published on the Internet can be copied and used by other people. If you don’t want to run the risk of your photo being used without your permission, you should not send it to us. We will not accept any liability if your photo is copied from our website and subsequently used elsewhere without your permission.

Contact us

web: online enquiry form
telephone: 01992 785555

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