Disabled facilities grants

Disabled facilities grants assist in enabling those with a disability to live independently in their own home. Grants are awarded up to a maximum of £30,000.

Grants can be awarded to make adaptations to enable the person to live more independently in their own home. This could include the installation of stair lifts, adaptation of the bathroom and/or kitchen and widening doors.

Before applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant you should contact Hertfordshire County to request an occupational therapist assessment. Following this assessment the Council will determine if you qualify for a grant. Hertfordshire County Council may be contacted on 0300 123 4042 or via their website.

Disabled facilities grants are means tested for adults.  When making a decision on grant funding the Council will look at the income and capital of the disabled person which will determine how much, if anything, you will have to contribute towards the cost of the work.