UC Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Will a claimant have a managed payment to their landlord from the start of their claim if they are already in rent arrears when they make a claim for UC?  
It will depend on the claimant’s level of arrears and their particular circumstances. When a Universal Credit claim is made, UC will offer the claimant Personal Budgeting Support and through this process decide if a managed payment to the landlord is needed. All cases will be looked at on an individual basis.
Can landlords contact UC to ask for a managed payment from the start due to the claimant having significant rent arrears?
Yes, Landlords can contact UC to request a managed payment from the start. Once the necessary information is received the UC agent will then decide if a managed payment is appropriate and inform the landlord and claimant.
Can rent arrears be recovered from claimants through a deduction to their UC?
Yes, arrears of rent and service charges for the property the tenant is currently living in are included in the list of deductions that can be made from a UC payment.
What budgeting support will be available and how do claimants access this?
Personal budgeting support will be offered to anyone claiming UC. Claimants needing help with monthly budgeting will be identified at their first UC appointment with the Jobcentre and will be referred for personal budgeting support.
Many claimants will be able to help themselves through the online budgeting support services that are already available, and we will help people who have a clear need for more intensive support. 
Money advice will be offered at a national and local level, and will include a mix of online, phone and face to face services.
Will managed payments be reviewed?
Yes, all managed payments will be subject to a review. The UC agent will decide the review period taking into account the claimant’s particular circumstances and level of rent arrears. At the review, they will decide if the claimant is now capable of managing the standard monthly payment.
When would a managed payment not be considered appropriate?
A managed payment is not considered appropriate if there is no financial risk to the claimant or their family and/or any rent arrears are being satisfactorily managed.