Alcohol Control Zone

At the request of local police, Broxbourne Council, using powers under the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001, have made a number of Orders to restrict the consumption of alcohol on the street. These areas are known as Designated Public places but are commonly referred to as Alcohol Control Zones.

Orders exist in the following areas of the Borough:

  • Cheshunt Old Pond and Grundy Park area   
  • Holdbrook Estate, Waltham Cross
  • Waltham Cross Town Centre and surrounding area  
  • Waltham Cross Royal and Four Swannes Estates

The legislation provides the police with discretionary powers to deal with anyone who is consuming alcohol in an Alcohol Control Zone, or they believe intends to consume alcohol in such a place.  The order allows a police officer to:

  • Require the person concerned not to consume in that place anything which is, or is believed to be, intoxicating liquor
  • Require the person concerned to surrender anything in his possession which is, or believed to be, intoxicating liquor or a container for intoxicating liquor (other than a sealed container)
  • Dispose of anything that is surrendered to them as they consider appropriate
  • Failure to comply with such requests can result in a fine of up to £500 

The Home Office has concluded that the confiscation provisions have proved to be effective in dealing with incidents of public disorder.

These orders are subject to an annual review to ensure they remain appropriate for the location.

These were last reviewed in October 2013 and a copy is attached as a related link.