Equality and Diversity

Council Equalities Policy

The Council is committed to equal opportunities for all, and aims to prevent unlawful and unjustified discrimination on the grounds of:

  • age;
  • disability;
  • employment status;
  • ethnic or national origin, race or colour;
  • gender and gender reassignment;
  • marital or civil partnership status;
  • pregnancy and maternity;
  • religious beliefs or lack of belief;
  • responsibilities for children or dependants;
  • sexuality;
  • social class;
  • trade union activities;
  • unrelated criminal convictions

Through the Council’s Corporate Equalities Scheme we aim to:

  • make equalities part of business planning, performance management and service delivery;
  • promote good community relations;
  • ensure equality of opportunity in employment; and
  • provide access to services which are sensitive to everyone’s needs and aspirations

There is also an annual Equalities Action Plan which sets out how the Council will meet these aims. Previous performance is reported annually in the Equalities Monitor Report. Equality impact assessments are carried out to ensure services and policies do not result in unlawful discrimination. These are published here.

Tackling hate and harassment

The Council works through the Community Safety Partnership to tackle hate crime, harassment and domestic violence. As well as supporting procedures to report harassment, we support victims and take action against perpetrators.

Harassment on the grounds of race, disability or sexuality is a crime. If you have witnessed or experienced harassment, report it to the police by telephoning 101. They have specialist officers to support you.

Or, if you prefer not to deal with the police, you can report the incident to the Council; on 01992 785577. Please note we may need to involve other organisations, including the police, to resolve it.

Further information