Pest control

The Council covers the whole of the Borough of Broxbourne and surrounding areas, including Waltham Cross, Cheshunt, Goffs Oak, Wormley, Turnford, Broxbourne and Hoddesdon.

I am a homeowner and have a problem with pests - what can I do?

Call the Council on 01992 785555 or email

I am a tenant and have a problem with pests - what can I do?

If you are a private tenant then speak to your landlord who should then approach the Council for assistance.
If under the tenancy agreement you are required to deal with the problem then please contact the Council for assistance by calling 01992 785555 or emailing

If you are a B3Living tenant then please contact B3Living.
B3Living may authorise treatment and will contact the Council for you to make arrangements.

I am a business and have problems with pests - what can I do?

Call the Council on 01992 785555 or email

I just need advice

Please email for any advice needed relating to pests. In addition you may find useful additional information on the Environmetal Agency website .

Information about the Council's pest control service

Treatments are available for common pests, including:

  • Rodents (Rats and Mice) 
  • Wasps and hornets
  • Bed Bugs
  • Fleas
  • Cockroaches 
  • Ants
  • Squirrels

Details of the service

The Council:

  • Uses professional fully qualified staff
  • Provides a quick response to all problems
  • Uses safe modern baits that comply with current health and safety regulations

Payments can be made by credit/debit card or by cheque. 
Please note there is an additional 2% charge for paying by credit card.

Pest control contracts

The Council's preventative pest control contracts can help prevent pests from becoming a problem for your business.

 Our contracts provide excellent value for money and include:

  • Installation and restocking of treatment products
  • Regular visits to check for evidence of pests
  • Advice about reducing the risk of pest control problems
  • Priority booking for call outs between scheduled visits

Contact us

For more information please contact the Council's Helpline on 01992 785555 or email