Untaxed vehicles

To report an untaxed vehicle click here.  

The Council has joined forces with the DVLA to remove untaxed vehicles from all areas of the Borough.The DVLA’s approved agent, Redcorn Ltd is also the Council's abandoned vehicle contractor and operates this service.

An increasing number of reports relating to untaxed vehicles prompted the Council to take this action. Removal of untaxed vehicles will assist in reducing highway obstructions and may also help to free up some car parking spaces within the Borough.The contractor is using Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras capable of identifying untaxed vehicles whilst on the move. Vehicles found to be untaxed are removed from the highway to the contractor’s secure compound in Rainham.


he law enables wheel clamping or the removal of unlicensed vehicles in areas beyond the public highway such as:

  • commercial car parks 
  • retail
  • supermarkets
  • business industrial estate car parks
  • Council-owned land
  • pub car parks
  • un-adopted roads/alleyways
  • waste ground
  • parks and common land

Exceptions to the above include vehicles parked on land associated with residential dwellings (residential parking bays) and vehicles kept by a motor trader or vehicle tester at a business premises

Residents are reminded that vehicles must have a valid tax disc when on the public highway. Statutory Off-Road Notice (SORN) are only valid when the vehicle remains on private land and permission is obtained in writing from the lanowner that you are permitted to store your vehicle on the land. 

 Any owner finding their vehicle missing should contact the Police on 101 or contact Redcorn Ltd direct on 01708 526760 to see if their vehicle has been impounded.

 When collecting your vehicle from the pound, you will need:

  • documents to prove ownership and proof of address
  • a valid tax disc
  • the relevant release fee

 All complaints or claims relating to a vehicle wrongly taken away should be referred to Redcorn Ltd on 01708 526760.