Local Plan consultation

The public consultation on the draft Local Plan, including the Call for Sites, has now closed. However the draft Local Plan can still be viewed on the Consultation Portal.

How to purchase paper copies of the draft Local Plan

Paper copies of the full text of the Local Plan (Written Statement) are over 200 pages long and include the site Concept Diagrams. Printed copies of the accompanying large (A0) Policies Map are also available. The combined cost is £37.80 plus £3 postage and packing. To buy the Written Statement only costs £21 plus £3 postage and packaging. To buy the Policies Map only it costs £16.80 plus £1 postage and packaging. To buy a copy of the draft Local Plan and/or Policies Map please call 01992 785510. Please note that there is a 2% surcharge for credit card payments.

Keep informed about progress of the Local Plan

The Local Plan Update email newsletter (July 2017) contains more information. To sign up to receive future editions please email planningpolicy@broxbourne.gov.uk.

Links to further information

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