Emerging Local Plan: Northern High Street Waltham Cross proposed site allocation

In the interests of transparency, documents relevant to Northern High Street Waltham Cross as set out for consultation in the emerging Local Plan are posted in the table below. This information is intended to help the Council to assess the proposed sites, prior to making a decision as to which sites to carry forward into the pre-submission draft plan. Posting of the proposals of landowners and developers to the website does not indicate the Council’s agreement to the contents. All proposals will be critically appraised on their merits. Except for documents submitted through public consultations, documents submitted to the Council will not be posted without the consent of the owner. Please note that the information posted will evolve over time as proposals are refined and progressed.

For information on other sites in the emerging Local Plan, please click here. All consultation responses on Northern High Street Waltham Cross can be viewed here.


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Broxbourne Council

Waltham Cross Northern High Street and Cheshunt Lakeside Redevelopment - Cabinet ReportApril 2017Cabinet Report - 4 April 2017