Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

The Council has recently undertaken a comprehensive Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) exercise.

This included:

·        a Level 1 Assessment and Climate Change Addendum in 2016
·        a sequential test of the sites put forward for development in the 2016 Call for Sites exercise and consideration of
          potentially suitable for development through the Strategic Land Availability Assessment, and

·        a Level 2 Flood Risk Assessment of the 13 sites preferred for development.  

Please note, for the Level 2 Assessment the flood risk information for each of the 13 sites has been mapped and the detail of the risk included in the accompanying table.

The PDF files linked to below are interactive. To ensure the interactive features work correctly please view using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please right click the link you are interested in and choose ‘Save Target As’, or ‘Save link As’ and then open the downloaded file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Opening the links directly in a browser may result in the interactive features not working correctly.

To activate the information within the map, please tick the box adjoining the information you require. Some sites have only very small areas within a Flood Zone 2 or 3 which occasionally forms the boundary to the site, and is not clearly seen on the Flood Map.

Final Level 1 Sequential Test  March 2017
Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) Final Report
Appendix A - Mapping Supporting Information
Appendix B - JFLOW Modelling Technical Summary
Appendix A-Brookfield Map
Appendix A -Cheshunt Lakeside Map (Delamare Road Strategic Site)
Appendix A -Derwent Turnford Great Cambridge Road Map
Appendix A-East of Dinant Link Road Map
Appendix A -Gas Holder Site Map
Appendix A - Rush Meadow Map
Appendix A - South of Church Lane Wormley Map
Appendix A - Theobalds Station Car Park Map
Appendix A -Turnford Surfacing Site Map
Appendix A - Waltham Cross - Northern High Street (Land off Sturlas Way) Map
Appendix A - Waltham Cross Trade Centre Map
Appendix A - Wolsey Hall Windmill Lane Map
Site Table Brookfield,BR1 v2.0
Site Table Cheshunt Lakeside Delamare Road ,CG-U-56 v2.0
Site Table Derwent Turnford Great Cambridge Road,BWT-GB-02 - v2.0
Site Table Gas Holder site,BWT-U-15 v2.0
Site Table Land east of Dinant Link Road,HOD-UC-08 v2.0
Site Table Rush Meadow ,CG-GB-45 v2.0
Site Table South of Church Lane Wormley,INF9 v2.0
Site Table Theobalds Station car park,WX-U-25 v2.0
Site Table Turnford Surfacing Site,HOD-U-12 v2.0
Site Table Waltham Cross Northern High Street ,WX-U-13  v2.0
Site Table Waltham Cross Trade Centre, WX-U-22 v2.0
Site Table Wolsey Hall Windmill Lane, CG-U-40 v2.0
Flood Risk Exception Test Report - (April 2017)