Public speaking scheme

The Council has a scheme which allows residents to speak at Planning and Regulatory Committee meetings.

The Committee discusses and makes decisions on numerous planning applications made to the Council.

Please note that you can still write to us regarding any development proposals being considered by the Council without having to speak in front of the committee.

How to register to speak at a Planning and Regulatory Committee

If you would like to speak at one of the Planning and Regulatory Committee meetings you have two options. Either email or complete the public speaking leaflet, which can be found in the 'Documents' bar on this page.

Full details of the scheme are set out in the leaflet. This should also be used as a guide for what information to include in an email.

If you would like to speak, you will need to give written notice by 5pm on the Thursday before the meeting. No late notifications can be accepted. When you register to speak, you need to confirm that we can give your details to anyone else who may register to speak.

Agendas for meetings will be available five working days before the meeting. These can be viewed at the Borough Offices or electronically downloaded.

Scheduled Planning and Regulatory Committee Meetings - 2019

  • Tuesday 16 April
  • Tuesday 21 May
  • Tuesday 25 June

Planning applications going to committee will be listed below (this is usually determined seven working days prior to the committee date).

Planning and Regulatory Committee

16 April 2019

Application No.
High View Farm
Crouch Lane
Goffs Oak
Hertfordshire EN7 6TH
Demolition of existing buildings, change of use of land to residential use (C3) and redevelopment of the site with 10 detached dwelling houses
Land to the west of Hoddesdon and east of the A10
incorporating land to the north of the Dinant Link Road
Lord Street Hertfordshire EN11
Planning application for a new 2fe (420 pupil + 30 place FTE nursery) primary school