Food Waste & Recycling

Kerbside recycling boxes and food caddies are collected by the Council's crews across the Borough.

1. Recycling (kerbside boxes)

2. Food waste (brown kerbside caddy)

3. Missed collections

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Recycling (kerbside boxes)

Each house in the Borough has been supplied with three 55 litre kerbside boxes for recycling plastics and cans, paper and cardboard, and glass.

The kerbside boxes are collected fortnightly on the same day as your black wheeled bin.

Please ensure your boxes are clearly visible and placed at the boundary of your property by 7am on the day of collection.

What can go in your kerbside boxes?

Kerbside box with net for plastics and cans

Yes please

No thanks

Plastic bottles and containers should be emptied, washed and squashed.

  • Soft drinks and milk bottles

  • Shampoo and cosmetics bottles

  • Empty household cleaner bottles

  • Pots, tubs and trays

  • Food tins and drinks cans; rinsed

  • Aerosol cans

  • Foil/foil trays and containers, including empty/rinsed foil takeaway containers

  • Use your net to maximise the box's capacity and prevent items blowing away

  • Carrier/plastic bags

  • Polystyrene items

  • Clingfilm

  • Large rigid plastics, e.g. furniture, toys

  • Food waste

  • Any other non-plastic recyclables

Kerbside box with lid for paper and cardboard

Yes please

No thanks

Large cardboard boxes should be flattened and broken down to a size no bigger than the kerbside box's base, otherwise the cardboard will not fit in the recycling truck. The flattened cardboard should be placed neatly underneath/beside your kerbside box.

  • Paper and magazines

  • Junk mail and envelopes

  • Catalogues, brochures and directories

  • All cardboard (flattened)  - including cereal, pizza and shoe boxes

  • Milk and juice cartons (including Tetra Pak, Pure-Pak and Elo-Pak)

  • Use the lid to stop items blowing away

  • Laminated paper or card

  • Hardback books

  • Carrier/plastic bags

  • Any other non-paper/card recyclables

Kerbside box with lid for glass

Yes please

No thanks

  • Clean and empty glass bottles

  • Clean and empty glass jars

  • Broken glass

  • Light bulbs and tubes

  • Window glass

  • Carrier/plastic bags

  • Any other non-glass recyclables 

Things to remember

  • If you have more recycling than can fit into your kerbside boxes, you can collect up to two additional boxes, free of charge, from any of the Council’s One Stop Shops. Alternatively, you can place additional recycling in similar containers, such as buckets or small storage boxes.

  • Please keep a lid/net on your kerbside boxes. This will help to prevent your recycling from blowing away.

  • Please empty and rinse/wash out your cans and plastic bottles.

  • If you see any broken glass, please report it via the Council's Helpline on 01992 785577.

Learn more about recycling in Hertfordshire by watching this short film:

Recycle Right - Help your recycling fly


Recycling at flats

The Council will provide a dedicated fortnightly recycling service to flats with suitable access and space.

The flats service consists of communal wheeled bins labelled for paper and cardboard, cans and plastics, and glass bottles and jars, which will be emptied on a fortnightly schedule.

All new build flats are required to provide recycling facilities. If your block of flats does not currently have a recycling service, you can request the Council to assess whether there is suitable access and space to provide a service, please contact the Helpline on 01992 785577 or email

Residents at flats without a recycling service can take their recycling to their nearest Recycling Point or Household Waste Recycling Centre. For locations and opening times please click here.


Food waste (brown kerbside caddy)

Each house in the Borough of Broxbourne has been supplied with a 23 litre brown kerbside caddy and a five litre green kitchen caddy for recycling food waste. The brown kerbside caddy is collected weekly.

Ensure your brown kerbside caddy is clearly visible and placed at the boundary of your property by 7am on the day of collection.

Please note: the green wheeled bin should not be used for food waste.

    Five litre kitchen caddy      23 litre brown kerbside caddy

What can go in your caddy?

Yes pleaseNo thanks
  • Leftovers and out of date food
  • Cooked and uncooked food
  • Fruit and vegetables, including peelings, scraps, pips and cores
  • Bread, pastries and cakes
  • Meat and fish, including bones (raw and cooked)
  • Dairy products and eggs
  • Pasta, rice and beans
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds

You can use ANY soft plastic bag (except black sacks) to line your kitchen caddy

  • Plastic packaging
  • Packaging of any kind
  • Any material that is not food waste

Things to remember

  • You can use ANY plastic bag (except black sacks) to line your kitchen caddy. This will help to keep your kitchen caddy clean.

  • Empty your kitchen caddy regularly into the kerbside caddy.

  • Tie or wrap up the food waste in a plastic bag before putting it into your kerbside caddy.

  • Keep your kitchen and kerbside caddies clean, rinse with warm water after each emptying.

  • Your kerbside caddy locks automatically when you close the lid.

  • Put your kerbside caddy out for collection every week.

Watch these short films for more tips on recycling your food waste:

Hertfordshire WasteAware Partnership - Food waste suspects


Hertfordshire WasteAware Partnership - The Mrs Smith Procedure


Hertfordshire WasteAware Partnership - Terry's Kitchen Showcase


Operating your food caddy

To open your brown kerbside caddy, press the black button located on the lid of the food caddy. The lid may be stiff at first. You may find it helps to pick the caddy up off the floor and then press the black button.


Food recycling at flats

The Council provides weekly food waste collections at all new build flats and are installing recycling facilities at older flat blocks.

To recycle your food waste line your green kitchen caddy, when full tie the bag and deposit it in the wheeled bin labelled for food waste.

Love Food, Hate Waste

The Council, as part of the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership, is promoting the 'Love Food, Hate Waste' campaign in the Borough of Broxbourne by raising awareness of the amount of food that is thrown away.

Research has shown that around a third of the food we buy is thrown away, costing the average resident £610 per year. The 'Love Food, Hate Waste' campaign acknowledges that some food waste is inevitable. However, residents of the Borough can save a large sum of money by taking simple steps to lower the amount of food thrown away each week in their brown kerbside caddy.

Furthermore, by reducing the amount of food thrown away, residents can help protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that 20% of climate change emissions are related to the production, processing, transportation and storage of food.

Some quick and simple tips can save both time and money. Ideas such as planning your meals in advance, cooking correctly sized portions of food and being creative with any leftovers can be found on the Love Food, Hate Waste website.

Missed collections

You can report a missed collection after 4pm on your collection day and at any time the next working day (residents receiving a Friday collection can log a missed collection the following Monday).

We will return to collect within two working days of receiving a missed collection report. Please leave your kerbside boxes and/or brown kerbside caddy at the boundary of your property for collection.

To log a missed collection, please complete a report it form or contact the Helpline on 01992 785577.


Any kerbside boxes or brown kerbside caddy containing material which contaminates the contents of the container will not be emptied. It is the resident's responsibility to remove the items and dispose of them correctly. The Council will not return to collect contaminated containers until the next scheduled collection.

Please refer to the Council's A-Z Recycling Guide for further information on what you can recycle, what bin, box or caddy to use, and where to take excess refuse and recycling.