Council Supports London Stansted Cambridge Corridor

Borough of Broxbourne has reaffirmed its commitment to playing an active role as a key location within the London Stansted Cambridge Corridor.

At a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday 6 December, councillors supported priorities set out in the London Stansted Cambridge Consortium (LSCC) Growth Commission’s report as being key to the Borough’s development.

They confirmed a commitment to ensuring that Broxbourne is a prime area for investment and economic growth within the corridor that stretches from Tech City in London, through the Lea Valley and surrounding areas that include the Borough of Broxbourne, and up to Cambridge and Peterborough.

The area is the leading region in the UK for ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship that has consistently outperformed the rest of the UK in a number of key measures, including jobs and business growth and productivity.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Mark Mills-Bishop said “Broxbourne is a very important component part of that corridor and we should be shouting that as loud as we can”.

A commitment to working with partners to ensure that Broxbourne is able to maintain and develop its relationship with other areas, and recognition of the economic importance of the corridor, was also confirmed.

The Growth Commission’s vision was welcomed with its recommendations being broadly consistent with Ambition Broxbourne, the Council’s economic development strategy. Of the report’s five priorities, the most notable to Ambition Broxbourne are the creation of high quality places, allocation of sites for technology and knowledge based industries, and increasing skill levels.

Investment in key roads and rail lines, including the West Anglia Main Line and development of Crossrail 2 in the future, is also a priority.

Councillor Paul Seeby, Cabinet Member for Planning and Community Development commented: “It is pleasing to note that the rail Minister was positive when it comes to the work being done by the consortium”.