The Council's own Rising Star!

The Council is proud to announce that one of its Officers has been shortlisted for a prestigious Local Government Chronicle (LGC) award.
Nicola Pearce, Community Safety Manager, has been shortlisted in the ‘Rising Star’ category. This category highlights the work done by local government’s exceptional officers who are currently not in Corporate Management Team roles, but could be the leaders of the future. They are making change happen, taking difficult decisions and asking important questions.
The main purpose of Nicola’s role at the Council is to improve community safety and reduce fear of crime in the Borough. This involves working closely with other members of the Broxbourne Community Safety Partnership (CSP), particularly the Police. 
At a strategic level Nicola participates in Operational Police Group meetings where the CSP priorities are discussed, agreed and action plans developed. Nicola also works closely with the Broxbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team on joint action to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. 
Nicola prepared and submitted the business case to secure the future of the temporary average speed cameras on the Broxbourne stretch of the A10 as permanent leading to a significant reduction in the dangerous racing which had been taking place on the A10. 
Nicola has been invited to present to a panel of judges in January who will decide the overall winner of the category. The judges will be looking for evidence of: 
- Innovative work which has delivered demonstrable change; 
- A first class understanding of the political process and ability to work effectively with councillors; 
- Experience of networking at all levels; 
- Sharing knowledge within the sector; 
- A commitment to finding better ways of doing things. 
The winner will be announced at a ceremony in London on 21 March 2018. 
More information on this award can be found on the LGC’s website