Nature in focus in the Borough’s Year of Environment

2017 will be Broxbourne’s Year of the Environment, presenting not only an opportunity to promote the Borough as a great place to live, but to fully engage the public and business community in maintaining and improving the local environment. 
To mark the start of the year, the Mayor of Broxbourne, Councillor Martin Greensmyth, will plant a bee-friendly ‘Whitebeam’ tree in Cedars Park on 6 January. 
During the rest of the year we’ll be celebrating the Borough’s beautiful parks and open spaces, promoting environmentally friendly lifestyles and organising initiatives centred around six themes:
 - Recycle – Encouraging residents to waste less and recycle more
 - Clean -  Keeping Broxbourne clean and encouraging residents to get involved in volunteering schemes such as adopt-a-street
 - Grow - Encouraging residents to grow fruit and vegetables in their own homes, gardens and allotment sites
 - Nature - Encouraging residents to make use of the beautiful parks and open spaces in the Borough and encouraging wildlife and biodiversity
 - Air - Encouraging residents to walk and cycle rather than drive to reduce pollution and benefit their health and wellbeing
 - Save - Encouraging residents to save water and energy. 
The Council will also be promoting all the ways in which it helps residents and businesses to be environmentally conscious as well as how the authority contributes positively to the environment.
Councillor Tim Hutchings, Cabinet Member for Environmental and Public protection said “The Year of the Environment is an initiative that all members of the community, both public and business, can get involved with. We want to demonstrate that Broxbourne is at the forefront of environmental awareness and a planting a tree to mark the start of 2017 is just the first step”.