Students get stuck in at Mayor’s Debate

Students pitted their wits against each other at Broxbourne Council’s annual Mayor’s Debate – over who should take care of our natural environment.
Pupils considered: “Is it up to the Council to keep Broxbourne clean and tidy, or should individuals act more responsibly and stop littering/fly-tipping across the Borough? If so, what can be done to change behaviour?”
Teams of secondary school pupils, at Key Stage 3 level, debated on Wednesday 22 November in the Council’s chamber at Bishops’ College.
Six teams, from five of the Borough’s secondary schools, took part. They were challenged to present for ten minutes on the environmental theme that was chosen as part of the Council’s Year of Environment 2017.
Teams used PowerPoint to illustrate their arguments and they were then posed a question about their proposition by a competing school.
The judging panel was chaired by Cllr Carol Crump, the Mayor of Broxbourne, and contained Cllr Dee Hart, Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture, Cllr Tony Siracusa and an officer from the Environmental Services department.
After much thought provoking debate, the winning team was announced as being from Goffs Academy, comprising Nicholas Mannan, Alex Edgecombe, Ethan Yardley, Isaac Bode, Isabelle Mannan and Elliese Brown.
The Mayor said: “Congratulations to the brilliant winning team – Nicholas, Alex, Ethan, Isaac, Isabelle and Elliese are an accomplished outfit. It was invigorating to see such intelligent discussion from all participants. Thank you to everyone who engaged, researched the subject and presented so well.”
The other teams were from Goffs-Churchgate Academy, the John Warner School, Robert Barclay Academy and St Mary’s C.E. High School.
Every participant was given a certificate and the winning team received a trophy which was donated by the Mayor.