Youth Mayor and Deputy enrolled at Council meeting

Broxbourne Council’s first Youth Mayor and a Deputy were enrolled at a full Council meeting at Bishops’ College on Tuesday 7 November.

Mayor of Broxbourne, Councillor Carol Crump, supervised the official enrolling of Tom Culley, a year 13 student at the Robert Barclay Academy in Hoddesdon, as Youth Mayor and chair of Broxbourne Youth Council.

Tom has also been the Broxbourne representative in the UK Youth Parliament and has been active in Broxbourne Youth Council for more than two years.

Sophie Barber, a year 13 student at the John Warner School in Hoddesdon and a member of the Youth Council, was enrolled as Deputy Youth Mayor.

The role requires a young person aged 11-18 to represent their peers and the pair were elected by fellow members of the Youth Council. Tom will attend Full Council meetings on behalf of the young people of the Borough and, when invited, will contribute to issues impacting young people. He will chair the Broxbourne Youth Council and produce an annual report on its work.

Both representatives will also attend ceremonial and civic functions along with the two Mayor’s Cadets, Mitchell Walker and Kaitlyn Perkins. Kaitlyn was enrolled and adorned with her chain by the Mayor at the Council meeting.

Councillor Mark Mills-Bishop, Leader of the Council, said: “Tom, Sophie, Kaitlyn and Mitchell are shining examples of great engagement and participation by young people. Congratulations on your new roles.”

The Mayor said: “It is a privilege to bestow these titles and responsibilities on these brilliant young people. Their work for the community has already been fantastic and I look forward to having them join me at events very soon.”

On the following evening, Broxbourne Youth Council played basketball against Broxbourne Councillors. The younger team took the lead early but Councillor Mike Iszatt soon equalised. An exciting first half ended with the youngsters 3-2 up. An early basket after the break made it 3-3 at the end.

It was an exciting clash between the generations that was hosted in the Goffs-Churchgate Academy School in Cheshunt and refereed by Russell Hoops.

For more information on Broxbourne’s Youth Council, visit the Council’s website at or follow it on Twitter @BroxYCouncil

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