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Service Description Service Deliverer Contact Number
Hackney carriage licensing 01992 785593
Hall bookings - Bishops' College 01992 785593
Halls for hire
Have your say
Hazardous Substances
Hazardous waste
Health and Community Services *
Health and safety
Health and Safety training
Health care and hospitals
Health Forum
Health, public
Heavy goods Vehicles - Operating licences
Hedges - how to make a high hedge complaint
Help using the website
Helpline 01992 785577
Heritage sites and museums
Hertfordshire county council
Hertfordshire police
HGV Licence
High hedges and trees
Highway improvements
Hire - halls for hire
Historic buildings
Hoarding & Scaffolding Licence *
Holiday accommodation
Home energy efficiency
Home safety advice
Honorary Aldermen
Hotels and Boarding House Fire Certificates *
House renovation grants
House to house collection licence
Household waste collection
Household waste disposal sites
Houses in multiple occupation
Housing - allocations - general information
Housing - associations - financial assistance
Housing - community safety
Housing - Landlords advice and guidance
Housing - low cost home ownership
Housing - multiple occupation - register
Housing - multiple occupation - safety inspection
Housing - social housing policy
Housing - supported & sheltered
Housing & council tax benefit
Housing advice and homelessness 01992 785505
Housing benefit - appeals
Housing benefit - current claim
Housing benefit - new claim
Housing benefit - overpayments
Housing benefits 01992 785503
Housing grants
Housing improvements and repairs
Housing in Broxbourne
Housing rents
Hygiene and Safety training
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