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Service Description Service Deliverer Contact Number
Land & premises
Land and property - building control
Land and property - commercial lettings
Land and property - property searches
Land charges
Land registry
Land Use policy
Land, contaminated *
Landlords advice and guidance
Landscape and nature conservation
LDF(Local Development Framework)
Learning centres for adults
Leisure and tourism
Leisure centres
Leisure facilities
Libraries - joining the library
Lice infestation
Licence - explosives
Licence - Skip Operators Licence
Licence - Street Café *
Licences - alcohol & entertainment - Premises
Licences - animal
Licences - boarding animals
Licences - caravan site
Licences - dog breeding
Licences - door-to door dealers
Licences - entertainments
Licences - food businesses
Licences - hackney carriages
Licences - homes in multiple occupancy
Licences - house to house collection
Licences - motor salvage operator
Licences - pet shops
Licences - pleasure boats
Licences - riding establishments
Licences - scrap metal, site licence
Licences - zoos *
Licences and street trading
Licences for business
Licensing - petroleum *
Licensing Act 2003
Licensing policy
Licensing registers
Light Pollution
Listed buildings
Livestock - Animal Health *
Local Agenda 21
Local business directory
Local community safety priorities
Local development Framework
Local elections
Local Health Facilities
Local history
Local Housing allowance
Local organisations *
Local Plan (land use policy)
Local Strategic Partnership
Local transport links
Lost dog Collection
Lost Dogs
Lotteries and raffles - registration
Lottery licensing 01992 785593
Lowewood museum
LSP (Local Strategic Partnership)
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