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A to Z Results Page

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Service Description Service Deliverer Contact Number
Parades & demonstrations
Paradise wildlife park
Parking enforcement
Parking for the disabled
Parks and grounds maintenance
Parks and open spaces - events
Parks, Playgrounds and Playing
Parliament - Member of Parliament, MP
Paths - footways and adjacent kerbs
Pavements - obstructed pavements
Pay a bill
Pay Transparency Statement
Paying parking fines
Payments to the council
Penalty charge notice payments online
Performance and budget plan
Performance Indicators
Personal safety
Personal treatment licences
Pest Control
Petroleum licensing and storage *
Physical activity and sports
Pitch and putt
Places to visit
Planning - advertisement control
Planning - conservation advice
Planning - consultation
Planning - enforcement
Planning - private houses
Planning - public speaking
Planning - rights of way
Planning and building control
Planning applications 01992 785510
Planning committees
Planning control breaches
Planning decisions
Planning policy
Planning services
Planning-Search applications *
Plastic banks
Poisons - registering for the sale of non-medicinal poisons
Political structure
Polling stations
Pollution control - air handling
Pollution control - asbestos
Pollution control - contaminated land *
Pollution control - hazardous substances
Pollution control - light pollution
Pollution control - noise
Pollution control - water *
Population statistics
Portfolio of sites & premises
Post offices
Postal votes
Premises - Council owned land & premises
Preservation of trees
Press releases
Primary Care Trust
Primary health care
Primary school education
Privacy & data protection *
Private rented accommodation
Private sector housing
Product safety
Proxy votes
Public conveniences
Public halls
Public Health *
Public inquiries *
Public meetings
Public Notices
Public relations (news releases)
Public Rights of Way
Public toilets
Public transport
Purple sack scheme
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