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A to Z Results Page

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Service Description Service Deliverer Contact Number
Safety - fireworks - advice *
Safety - health and safety
Safety - home safety
Safety partnership, community
Satellite dishes
School holiday schemes
Schools - before & after school activities
Schools and colleges
Schools information
Scores on the doors
Scrap metal registration
Scrutiny Committee
Secondary school education
Securing your home
Self Employment- starting a business
Senior citizens
Services for older people
Sheltered housing
Shop front alterations and replacements
Shops - fire certificates *
Skate Parks
Skip Operators Licence
Small businesses
Smoke Control Zone
Smoking ban enforcement
Smoking shelters
Social & leisure activities
Societies and clubs
Speaking at meetings
Spillage of waste
Sports - development
Sports - information and booking
Sports and clubs development
Sports and keep fit
Sports and leisure
Sports centres
Sports clubs - directory
Stag Beetles
Statistics - economics information and analysis
Statistics - website
Statistics and census information
Still-birth - registering a still-birth
Storm Damage
Strategies - Local Strategic Partnerships & Community Strategy
Strategy- Communications
Strategy- ICT
Strategy, community
Stray dogs Broxbourne Services 01992 642240
Street Café *
Street cleansing
Street lighting
Street Vandalism
Structures - underground
Structures, Dangerous
Student Education
Support groups and organisations - older people
Sustainable development
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