Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support - Decision Appeals Form

I disagree with your decision.
1. About you
If 'Yes' please give us the following information:

By submitting this form you are giving your authorisation for the above mentioned person to act on your behalf.

2. Late requests for a reconsideration or appeal of our housing benefit decision
3. Late housing benefit appeals
About your appeal

Please use the space below to say why you do not agree with the decision.  You must say why you think the decision is wrong.  It is not enough to say "I do not agree with the decision" or "the money is not enough".  The reasons you give should be along the same lines as the following examples:

  • My rent is £75 per week but you have stated it was £35 per week.
  • I moved into the property on 1st November not 1st December.
  • You have used the wrong wages to work out my benefit.  I only received £250 during the Christmas week.

If you are seeking a further explanation against more than one decision, you must say why you do not agree with each one.

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