COVID-19: benefits, business rates and Council Tax support FAQs

Council Tax support FAQs

Do I still have to pay my Council Tax?

Yes, the government has not brought in any special measure for Council Tax payments at this stage. Council Tax will continue to be collected as billed.

The Council can assist you by:

  • changing your payment months to June to March (instead of April to January)
  • spreading your payments over 12 months instead of 10
  • setting payment to be on due dates to suit you

If your earnings have stopped or decreased, you can apply for Council Tax support.

Should I cancel my direct debit if I am unable to pay my Council Tax?

If you are not going to have sufficient funds to pay your Council Tax instalment then to prevent charges you should consider cancelling your direct debit. If you are having problems paying your Council Tax, contact the Council at

I cannot afford to pay my next Council Tax instalment and I won't have Council Tax support in time. What should I do?

The Council is working hard to apply Council Tax support to those who are entitled as quickly as possible. The Council will take steps to ensure that while an application is pending, no recovery action will be taken.