Our Vision and Priority Projects

The Vision...

Strategic Priorities...

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The Vision...

To grasp the challenges and opportunities faced and unlock the full potential of Broxbourne’s assets, the Ambition Broxbourne’s vision is that:

By 2030 Borough of Broxbourne will have a thriving, vibrant and prosperous economy that is underpinned by innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship which:

  • Drives innovation and business growth to provide 6,300 new  jobs 
  • Focusing on attracting more knowledge based Blue Chip companies
  • Has a  job market connected to and shaped by young people
  • Has a well-educated and skilled  population willing and able to compete in the local and global economy
  • Shapes  communities characterised by independence and  pride
  • Targets support for the most vulnerable
  • Supports knowledge driven economic development within the  Borough and across the wider area with a particular focus on the City of London
  • Creates a labour market where the educational institutions (connected from early years to higher education) meet the current and future needs of the economy.

Strategic Priorities...

To translate this Vision into action the following three thematic strategic priorities and associated work streams will be pursued:

  • Creating Certainty for Investment through strong leadership that will put in place critical infrastructure, a coherent and robust policy framework and a joined up can do approach to deliver the following work programmes:
    • Broxbourne Connects to improve physical and digital connectivity. 
    • Invest Broxbourne to market the area and develop key strategic sites.
    • Living Broxbourne  to increase the attractiveness of the Borough


  • Nurturing Employment and Enterprise through providing tailored support, promoting exports, providing high quality fit for purpose accommodation, developing key sectors and driving effective networks all of which will be provided by delivering the following work programmes:
    • Broxbourne Enterprise Network to provide quality business space, support and engagement.
    • Broxbourne Business Charter to ensure Council services support and nurture the local economy


  • Championing Learning and Skills through working with employers and training providers to deliver the following work programme:
    • Skilling Broxbourne to produce and deliver a skills strategy and action plan.


  • Generating quality places where businesses can prosper, residents can thrive and visitors can enjoy. This will include focusing on:
    • Broxbourne Lee Valley Enterprise Corridor (BLVEC) to drive the delivery of strategic employment sites at Park Plaza, Greater Brookfield and Hoddesdon Business Park
    • South Herts/North London Creative Corridor to promote key sites and sectors around the M25 corridor
    • Rural Broxbourne to develop a joint approach programme with neighbouring councils to support rural development


  • Driving a sector approach to support all business sectors whilst having a particular focus on harnessing the life sciences, creative and finance and business services sectors. This will be achieved through
    • Sector strategies to profile sectors, facilitate sector focused networks and deliver sector based action plans


Getting in touch with the team

To share your views or for further information on Ambition Broxbourne please get in touch via

Telephone: (+44) 01992 785 624

Email: economic.development@broxbourne.gov.uk

The Economic Development Team are based in the Broxbourne Borough Offices, Bishops' College, Churchgate, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, EN8 9XB