Commercial waste and recycling

Businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure their commercial waste is contained securely and disposed of correctly, preventing any negative impact on the environment.

Environmental Services provides a reliable and competitive commercial waste and recycling collection service to businesses within the Borough of Broxbourne.

For further information or to set up an agreement contact the waste management team on 01992 785640 or complete our online contact form.

What is commercial waste?

Waste generated from business activities, including all general waste and things that can be recycled, counts as commercial waste. This can be from premises used for the purposes of a trade or business, sport, recreation, education or entertainment but does not include household or industrial waste.

Why do I need a commercial waste collection service? 

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Duty of Care regulations, all businesses are required to ensure that their waste is contained and disposed of correctly by an authorised waste carrier. Alternatively, you may take your own rubbish to a licensed disposal site or tip and pay the charges.  Businesses cannot use the household waste sites for free tipping.

The cost of commercial waste disposal is not included in the business rates and therefore each business must make arrangements to dispose of any waste they generate.

Commercial waste collection service

As part of a local authority, Environmental Services is authorised to carry out this service. We will:

  • provide you with a Commercial Waste Agreement, a copy of which must be signed and returned to us;
  • supply 1,100 litre eurobin waste containers or commercial waste sacks;
  • schedule collections on days and frequencies to suit customers' needs; and
  • take your waste to a licensed disposal site.

Please note that collection is for general commercial waste and does not include items listed in the hazardous waste regulations or Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Directive. Environmental Services provides a collection service for some of these items - please call 01992 785640 for further information and a quote.

Commercial recycling collection service

Environmental Services offers a competitively priced recycling service to local businesses.

We collect a range of materials from 240 litre wheelie bins and 1,100 litre eurobins including:

  • paper;
  • cardboard; and
  • all colours of glass bottles and jars.

Recycling has a number of benefits for your business:

  • it reduces the cost of your trade waste collections by avoiding landfill tax;
  • it enables your business to comply with environmental legislation; and
  • it improves the environmental profile of your business.

Areas covered

We cover the whole of the Borough of Broxbourne and surrounding areas, including Waltham Cross, Cheshunt, Goffs Oak, Wormley, Turnford, Broxbourne and Hoddesdon.

Obtain a quote

Please call 01992 785640 or complete our online contact form for a quote.