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Business support grants

The Government has announced a £1billion fund to help businesses hit by the rise in COVID-19 cases, including those in the leisure, hospitality and accommodation sectors.

The Council want to ensure that all eligible businesses are able to receive a grant where they are entitled. Please read all the information below and apply if you think your business is eligible for one or both grants.

Please note if you are eligible for the Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant you will not be considered for Omicron support on the Build Back Better ARG Grant. However, if the additional paperwork is completed for any growth aspects listed on the website, your application will be considered for both grants.

Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant

The Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant scheme is to support businesses that offer in-person services, where the main service and activity takes place in a fixed, business rate-paying premises.

A business will be eligible to receive the grant if its main service (50% or more of overall income) falls within hospitality, leisure or accommodation.

A hospitality business is defined as a business whose main function is to provide a venue for the consumption and sale of food and drink. The definition of a hospitality business does not include food kiosks and businesses whose main service (50% or more of income) is a takeaway.

A leisure business is defined as a business that provides opportunities, experiences and facilities, in particular for culture, recreation, entertainment, celebratory events, and days and nights out. The definition of a leisure business does not include retail businesses, coach tour operators, tour operators or gyms and sports businesses where physical exercise or training is conducted on an individual or group basis.

An accommodation business is defined as a business whose main lodging provision is used for holiday, travel or other purposes. The definition of an accommodation business does not include private dwellings, education accommodation, residential homes, care homes and residential family centres.

This grant application will be open in two windows:  

  • from 21 January until 18 February 2022 
  • from 25 February until 18 March

Apply for Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant

If your business falls outside of the stated criteria and has suffered as a result of Omicron, you may apply for the Build Back Better Grant.

Please see below. You must select ‘affected by Omicron’ if this is the reason you are applying.

The Broxbourne Build Back Better Grant Fund from Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) funding

This ARG grant fund will support businesses operating in the Borough that have ambitious plans to grow and create new jobs. The scheme is open to applications from sole traders, partnerships, micro, small and medium businesses (SMEs) from any industry and sector. This ranges from start-ups launched during the pandemic, to established local companies looking to expand in the area.

To apply for this grant, you need to demonstrate that the funds you are requesting do at least one of the following (this list isn’t exhaustive):

  • create more jobs or safeguard existing jobs
  • create a new revenue stream
  • implement initiatives that support NetZero and a greener, more sustainable business model

This is a one-off grant of between £1,000 and £25,000 that will be awarded to eligible applicants. Priority will be given to the events, leisure, tourism and hospitality sectors, but is open to all to apply.

Applicants must:

  • be a Broxbourne Borough based business, established before 31 December 2021
  • be an established Broxbourne Borough-based company that can demonstrate evidence of ambitious expansion/growth plans within the Borough

In order to be considered for this grant you will need to complete and return the following documents with your application:

  • Word application form
  • Business plan
  • Profit and loss template
  • Survival budget template
  • Cash flow forecast
  • A bank statement that clearly shows account name, sort code, and account number.

Your application when submitted needs to clearly explain how much you are requesting and how the money will support your business to grow.
Example 1: I would like to request £xx to take on a new member of staff. This grant will support xx% of the wages for x amount of months. This additional member of staff will benefit the business by xxx
Example 2: The grant of xxx will be used to pay the upfront investment cost for installing and fitting solar PV panels to the business premises
Please be clear and provide a detailed breakdown of how, when, and on what the money will be spent and how it will benefit your business. Also, please outline what will happen with this growth opportunity if the grant is not awarded.
Example 1: The business will not be able to make the upfront investment needed to purchase … in the next xx years
Example 2: The member of staff will not be appointed, which will mean that we are unable to add xxx new product to the business portfolio

This grant application will be open in two windows:  

  • from 21 January until 18 February 2022 
  • from 25 February until 18 March 2022

Apply for the Build Back Better Grant  

If you are using the Build Back Better Grant form to apply for Omicron support because you DO NOT meet the criteria for the Omicron Hospitality and Leisure grant AND you are applying for one of the growth reasons, you must tick ‘other’ on the application form and clearly state in the text box that you have been affected by Omicron, alongside your other reason. Please note the criteria and the supporting documentation required.

Both grant applications will be considered and if your business meets the criteria for both, the Council will award the application worth the highest grant amount.

To ensure a fair process, applicants who are eligible for separate Omicron Grants and Build Back Better Grants will be considered under these same principles.

For further business advice

If you need business advice at any time please contact us through the Council's website or telephone 01992 785565 during office hours.

Last updated: 15 February 2022