Coronavirus (COVID-19) - advice, information and help

Business support grants

Businesses across the Borough of Broxbourne may be entitled to cash grants from the Council to help them through these difficult times. 

The Local Restrictions Support Grant schemes closed on 31 March 2021. But from 1 April 2021, the Restart Grant will be replacing the Local Restrictions Support Grant to support businesses through the final stages of lockdown restrictions. 

The Restart Grant is open to all businesses that receive a business rates bill, even if it is for £0. The scheme offers one-off grant payments of up to £6,000 for businesses in the non-essential retail sector and up to £18,000 for those in the leisure, hospitality and personal care sectors. The value of the grant is linked to the rateable value of the property the business occupies. 

There is also the Additional Restrictions Grant, which supports businesses not covered by the other grant schemes. This scheme is currently closed, but it will open again in the coming months.

If you have not yet applied for any of the grants, and think you are entitled to one, please check your eligibility below and make an application.

You can also request business advice from the Council or access a number of resources for local businesses here.

Restart Grant

This Grant scheme is now closed for applications

If your business has been receiving Local Restrictions Support Grant payments, the Council will automatically move you on to the Restart Grant scheme – there is no need to reapply. 

Restart Grants are available to businesses in the non-essential retail, leisure, hospitality and personal care sectors. 

Full guidance on the grants, including eligibility criteria, can be found here.

The value of the grants available are as follows: 

Non-essential retail premises 

Rateable value on 1 April 2021

One-off grant 
£15,000 or under  £2,667
Over £15,000 and less than £51,000  £4,000 
£51,000 or over  £6,000
Hospitality, accommodation, leisure, personal care and gym business premises

Rateable value on 1 April 2021

One-off grant 
£15,000 or under £,80 £8,000
Over £15,000 and less than £51,000  £12,000
£51,000 or over  £18,000

If you believe you are eligible for a Restart Grant and have not received any Local Restrictions Support Grant payments, please apply below. 

To apply, you will need to provide:

  • your business or trading address
  • your company registration number or Unique Taxpayer Reference
  • your business rate account number 
  • a business bank statement dated in last three months


Additional Restrictions Grant

The Additional Restrictions Grant is a discretionary scheme that supports businesses struggling as a result of coronavirus.

The Borough of Broxbourne is allocating government funding to local businesses in a series of application windows. These windows will run through to 31 March 2022. 

The second application window ran from 4 March to 22 March 2021. An earlier window ran from 8 December to 18 December 2020. Both windows have now closed, but the Council will open other windows. You will need to check this page for future updates.  

At the end of each application window, the Council decides who can access the funding and the value of each grant.  

The qualifying criteria for each window will be amended to reflect the requirements of local businesses. The number of windows will also depend on how much funding the Council has remaining.  

The application process will close at midnight on the closing date of the window. All applicants will be notified of any decision by email.  

Each application will be considered on its own merits. Grants will only be paid to those businesses meeting the qualifying criteria set out during each window.  

The level of grant awarded will be adjusted based on the number of applications received in each window. Grants will be paid per business, not the number of premises they occupy. 

Any decision made by the Council under the Additional Restrictions Grant fund is final. There is no appeals process. 

Last updated: 01 April 2021.