Report a business in breach of COVID-19 regulations

What you can do

You can ask the Council to investigate a business or organisation for not following the Government's COVID-19 regulations by completing the form below.

Please ensure you understand GOV.UK’s guidance before you report a possible breach:

You should report a business for the following reasons:

  • being open when it should remain closed (nightclubs, casinos)
  • it is not practising social distancing
  • it is open after 10pm (restaurants, pubs, social clubs)
  • it is not practising self-isolation measures with workers
  • it has not carried out risk assessments in line with Government requirements
  • it is not enforced the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or face coverings for workers
  • it has a poor approach to Government guidelines and regulations (not encouraging regular handwashing or sanitising) 

To help the Council understand your report, you will be asked to provide details about:

  • the business
  • your concerns
  • your contact information (you can remain anonymous)
  • any supporting information (photographs or documents)

Report a business in breach of Covid-19 regulations