ShopAppy platform for local businesses

The opportunity

ShopAppy is an established, multi-award-winning Shop Local marketplace available across the UK, and is being offered for free in the Borough of Broxbourne until March 2023. is ‘your local community online’, and combines virtual browsing with online convenience. It enables all kinds of businesses and organisations to join and use the site - from retail and markets to beauty services, hospitality, pop-up shops, events and B2B businesses.

There is no commission on sales.

ShopAppy is not a platform for online shoppers, but a place for local shoppers to browse, book and buy locally.

Business can add:

  • Booking functions - so hospitality, personal care, B2B and event businesses can offer timeslots to customers
  • Virtual Events - an accessible platform for festivals, food and drink events, and local fairs to sell to local communities
  • Facebook Feed - use ShopAppy to create and update a Facebook shop and ShopAppy site simultaneously
  • Shopify and Woocommerce integration - with a bulk upload, so if businesses have a current online inventory they can export a CSV file for ShopAppy to upload
  • Voucher codes
  • Bespoke brand assets and national campaigns

ShopAppy also provides ongoing support:

  • Advice to set up the landing page - so businesses get the best out of their digital presence
  • Support uploading products, services and book-a-table information
  • Help to build social media presence with suggested posts
  • Access to the ShopAppy Facebook Family – a group for other businesses to share best practice and personal experience
  • Access to a wider audience through
  • Chance for publicity as ShopAppy liaise with media when they need business commentary
  • Free ‘Happy Hour’ sessions with industry experts to help stay on top of new trends
  • Product uploading training sessions every Monday at 2pm for ongoing support.