Report an issue with shrubs, hedges and grass

What the Council can do

The Council is responsible for maintaining the grass, shrubs and hedges on the public highway also in parks and community open spaces. However, it is not responsible for maintaining these areas if they are privately owned.

Hedges are reshaped and pruned as part of a winter maintenance programme carried out between November and February. Summer pruning takes place between July and October. This involves cutting back vegetation that restrict footpaths, and prevents any disturbance to nesting birds.

Shrub beds are reshaped and pruned as part of a winter maintenance programme between November and February. Shrub beds are visited regularly between March and November to:

  • cut back vegetation
  • remove litter

The Council manages a number of flower beds. The spring and summer bedding plants are planted in October and June respectively.

The Council offers a range of grounds maintenance and cleansing services to help keep commercial premises looking their best. For more information or for a quote, complete the online contact form.